Potential Scan

Potential Scan is a quick and anonymous online poll which provides useful insights about an organization or its part. It sends results back to all respondents instantly.

3 questions, 3 minutes, 3 outputs.

Great starting point for the coaching of the entire organization.

If we want to grow, we need the starting point and regular check points. Potential Scan can help any group or an organization to improve.

Potential Scan is inspired by the Inner Game methodology by Timothy Gallwey. The current level of available potential is influenced by three interconnected critical variables.

These variables are:

  1. Results – quality and quantity of delivered outcomes,
  2. Learning – development and improvement of ways of doing things and improvement of collaboration inside a group or organization,
  3. Enjoyment – how much we like what we do.


The current level of available potential:

Current levels of three critical variables in the graph:

What helps and what hinders the summary: