How it works

The first poll is free of charge. Just send us a request with your contact details and the number of respondents. We will create a unique link which you will distribute. When the poll is finished, the results are delivered automatically.

There are two options of the poll. You can scan a part of the organization or the whole organization. There is a difference in questions wording. Here you can see an example of both options. You can also put in your own answers but the system will not calculate the result.



Here you can see an example of the output which is delivered back to respondents.


100% anonymity guarantied!

When respondents submit their answers, they are asked if they want to get the summary of the results to their email when the poll is finished. It is up to them to decide. All emails are stored separately from the responses, so it is technically impossible to trace their responses.

The results are delivered to the contact person automatically.

We recommend to repeat the poll regularly once a quarter. The poll is charged then. Price is 3 EUR/respondent + VAT 21% if delivered in the Czech Republic. You get History tracker enabled and Excell export for statistical analysis. For larger companies, over 500 employees, we have a discount scheme.